Talking About The Market Status And Development Trend Analysis Of Wire And Cable Industry

- Aug 06, 2020-  

The wire and cable industry has become a basic industry for my country's industrial development. From the perspective of subdivided application fields, it mainly includes power cables, electrical cables, communication cables, optical cables, submarine cables, and characteristic cables. At present, the market share of power cables and communication cables is relatively high. However, from the perspective of the gross profit margin of market segments, due to factors such as high technical barriers to submarine cables, its gross profit margin is high. With the impact of the industrial structure adjustment and transformation and upgrading of my country's wire and cable industry, submarine cables have become the main competitive direction of domestic companies with strong competitiveness.

Wide range of applications, the role of each field is very important

Submarine cables have a wide range of applications, and are widely used in submarine observation networks, communications, power networks, offshore oil development, and offshore wind power. Among them, in the submarine observation network, each part of the connection boxes, sensors, observation equipment, etc., except for a small number of wireless acoustic connections, are basically connected by submarine cables. In addition, submarine cables are also widely used in communication networks, power networks, offshore oil development, offshore wind power and many other fields.

Optical composite cables have outstanding advantages and become the main development trend in the future

According to functions, submarine cables can be divided into submarine optical cables, submarine cables, and submarine optical composite cables. Among them, the submarine optical composite cable has high technical content and is difficult. At the same time, compared with submarine optical cables and submarine cables, it has the advantages of small footprint, superior bending performance, high adaptability to the same equipment, strong scalability, and convenient construction, which are the main development trends in the future.


The cable application environment is harsh and the technical level is high

Because submarine cables are applied to the seabed at a depth of several thousand meters, the working conditions are extremely harsh and complicated, so submarine cables have strict requirements in terms of communication, power, and life. In terms of communication, submarine cables should have high transmission rate, capacity, reliability and transmission quality; in terms of power, submarine cables should meet the requirements of low loss and high power capacity to achieve high-voltage DC transmission; due to the layout of submarine cables In the deep sea, its products should have strong resistance to water pressure, longitudinal water intrusion, chemical intrusion, etc., and be able to withstand dynamic pressure under the action of waves and pressure during installation and maintenance, and ensure a relatively long service life , Generally speaking, the technical requirements of the products are relatively high.

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