What Are The Daily Maintenance Work Of Cable Lines

- Jul 01, 2020-  

The basic task of the daily maintenance of cable lines is to meet the uninterrupted power supply needs of the power grid and users, prevent various cable accidents, and ensure the safe power supply of cable lines. The focus of routine maintenance work is to improve the reliability of line power supply, reduce the rate of cable accidents, shorten the power outage maintenance time and reduce maintenance costs.

1. Inspection work of power cables. The inspection work can be divided into periodic inspection and state inspection. The cycle of daily inspections is based on the rating results of power cable equipment and is divided into different cycles to carry out inspections. (The rating of power cable equipment refers to the rating of cable lines and their ancillary equipment. It is an important part of the safety inspection of power supply equipment and a basic work of power supply equipment management.) The normal operation of daily cycle inspections is to ensure the safety and reliability of power cables. Basic guarantee of operation. The power cable status patrol cycle is determined by the construction site surrounding the power cable path, and the patrol cycle varies from one day to one month. The state inspection cycle is a necessary guarantee to ensure the safe and reliable operation of power cables.

2. Insulation supervision of power cables. At present, the supervision of power cable insulation is mainly through the handover test and preventive test of high-voltage electrical equipment, as well as the comprehensive analysis of the operation. Level.

3. Load monitoring of power cables. The daily load monitoring of power cables is an effective monitoring method. For some cables with heavy current loads, it is necessary to perform necessary auxiliary temperature measurement on the cables to ensure that the various operating indicators of the running cables are within the controllable range.

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